Delilah’s Lust for Vanity

Delilah's Lust for Vanity

“Expressions of Empathy” (Volume I)
Oil on Canvas
In today’s society technology has advanced us to the point of what seems to be no return to humanity. “Delilah’s Lust for Vanity” is a visual vivid display of just how one can get lost along the way in superficiality by artificially attempting to connect with what is real. From her text of thoughts, to her ruby red lipstick, to her phallic-forming tears, it is quite clear that Delilah is searching for fulfillment in all the wrong places. Many of us have fallen victim to the demise of a “Delilah.” She is popular, she is social, and oh so beautiful…at least on the outside…yet what is it that she hides? Could it be emptiness? What resides beneath the superficial psyche that Delilah possesses is the insatiable desire to need and take from others at any physical or emotional cost.

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