The Jealousy Against John

The Jealous Against John

“Expressions of Empathy” (Volume I)
Oil on Canvas
From a night terror, LORD TOPH was inspired to translate his agonizing dream into a bizarre depiction of jealousy in its most fantastic form. Speaking our minds often causes conflict, yet having conviction can be as controversial as preaching a gospel. LORD TOPH has chosen the name “John” (as in John the Baptist) to illustrate the martyred man being hunted and tortured by unruly beasts. The irony is drawn by them being seemingly civilized by being garbed in armor, yet they display a barbaric demeanor. The fleeing John is being stabbed by what appears to be a female beast which is leading the hunt. No remorse is shown in her expression as she ruthlessly runs John through. In the struggle of running for his life, he is caught and held in the clutch of the only other human being in order to exhibit “man” as being his worst enemy.

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