Something’s Missing

Something's Missing

“Expressions of Empathy (Volume III) – Human Nature vs. the Nature of the Human” Oil on Canvas
Two snakes are affectionately inter-coiled in a desert atmosphere, yet something is unsettling about this union. The subtle symbol of infinity (a figure 8) has been rendered in the design of which the snakes are inter-weaved. The humanesque expression on each of the serpents’ faces reveals a dreary quality of morose and discontentment; the connection is being severed. The desert sky is filled with shades of dreary grays and blues to exemplify a somber mood. The two poor creatures have weathered the storm, rain or shine, as it shows in their tattered and somewhat flayed skin. The difficulty to shed this skin is apparent. The eggs have hatched, and the young offspring has left the nest. All that surround these sullen reptiles, are rocks and desolation. Although they have remained intertwined, the male (right) reluctantly erects himself from the coil, as this suggests departure. The female (left) sheds a solemn tear, and appears to remain coiled in the nest.
Dry brush on loose thin washes of cool hues were used to create atmosphere for this composition.

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