Yoonsil – Purity

Yoonsil - Purity

“Images of Yoonsil” (Collection)
Oil on Canvas
This painting of Yoonsil was the first painting completed in this series. Minimal detail and texture is applied for simplicity. Although this piece is effectively evoking by the use of fluid strokes, it remains well balanced in symmetry. The figure, representing the positive space, is enshrouded by a multitude of warm primary and secondary hues. Deep cool colors are closer to the figure’s exterior, as an emanation of her inner-self. The figure is simply clothed in white, with her head tilted in a classical style (i.e., Leonardo DaVinci’s “The Virgin of the Rocks,” Raphael’s “Madonna and Child,” & “The Pieta” by Michelangelo). The subject appears weightless in the composition, devoid of surface. This gives the figure a somewhat undulating ethereal presence. She stands innocently, and peacefully, with arms in a subtle outstretched show of emotional revelation. At her feet, is a small gift wrapped in a crimson ribbon. This addition to the composition is an essential facet of detail representing virginity, birth, menstruation, and to exalt the feminine sex as gift to man.

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