Yoonsil – In the A.M.

Yoonsil - In the A.M.

“Images of Yoonsil” (Collection)
Oil on Canvas
This piece holds a certain sensuality that also radiates from Yoonsil’s expression. She appears to be relaxing with white sheets, or linen material casually draped over her legs. Sitting up, with her back resting comfortably against a large pillow, she wears a slight smile. A deep maroon, or crimson material is draped behind her to suggest a warm, passionate setting. Much like a few other paintings in this series, this piece was painted on unprimed canvas to create a deliberate drag effect, allowing the medium to act as a stain, giving a batik-like effect to the surface. The image is enveloped in stylized strokes to characterize the texture and detail of the composition.

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