Yoonsil – La Sirene Enchanteur

Yoonsil - La Sirene Enchanteur

“Images of Yoonsil” (Collection)
Oil on Canvas
“La Sirene Enchanteur” (The Enchanging Mermaid), is a fanciful depiction of Lord Toph’s muse, Yoonsil as a beautiful mermaid. Because of her fascination with this mystical creature, Yoonsil expressed interest of being depicted in this light in one of Lord Toph’s paintings. So, he indulged her. The mermaid is undeniably striking, due to the scale of the piece, and the expression on her face. She is surrounded by schools of fish, and her skin is tinted with soft shades of aqua blue and green. Whisps of gold leaf are used about the figure to create an imperial gleam of mystical presence. There is a certain aura of sensuality, as well as tranquility emanating from her subtle smile, and undulating movement as she swims gracefully beneath the sea.

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