Yoonsil – In Studio Paris

Yoonsil - In Studio Paris

“Images of Yoonsil” (Collection)
Oil on Canvas
A straight-forward approach to traditional painting is displayed in this composition; subject, setting, and positioning. Yoonsil is rendered sitting in a blue wooden chair in Lord Toph’s studio, “Paris.” Her poise is attentive, yet gracefully relaxed. Elegantly dressed, she sits with her right left out stretched, and her foot arched. This implies an elongation of her limbs, as well as to the rest of her figure. The sheer texture of her dress suggests that of a type of silk material, and her shoes are a shimmering gold to compliment her complexion, as well as her style. In the background and above, hangs a linen sheet with a teal blue embroidered silk ribbon. At her sides are turquoise silk pillows, and at her feet are printed boxes, “Ship to Studio Paris.” All of these articles contribute to the creative environment of the artist’s studio, down to the silver tray of colorfully wrapped chocolate truffles resting on the pillow. A naturalistic atmosphere is conveyed with light applications of paint. This aids in defining the setting as a through visual record for the artist, as well as the muse.

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