Yoonsil – On Canvas In Paris

Yoonsil - On Canvas In Paris

“Images of Yoonsil” (Collection)
Oil on Canvas
This particular composition is one of the more sustained representational paintings of Lord Toph’s muse, Yoonsil. Although it is executed in a more traditional style, it maintains a contemporary quality despite the nostalgic setting rendered in the piece. Dark umber and sepia tones have been layered to help illustrate the hardwood floors, and Jacobean-stained wooden book shelf in the background. Deep moss-like shades of green are used to visually translate the texture of the sheer drapes lining the wall behind the muse, and the sheets of canvas that she sits on in the foreground. Her skin is illuminated by low positioned lighting, and her expression is contemplative yet content. She sits waiting patiently for the artist to begin rendering the image of her sitting among the unprimed canvases. For this same image will adorn many canvases for future paintings.

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