Yoonsil – Set Aglow in Paris

Yoonsil - Set Aglow in Paris

“Images of Yoonsil” (Collection)
Oil on Canvas
This painting of Lord Toph’s muse, Yoonsil is an up close depiction of her in the artist’s “Studio Paris.” The studio was given the name Paris, by Yoonsil in the beginning stage of many studio painting sessions the artist would share with her. The studio’s austere and nostalgic qualities reminded the muse of much of the interior settings she had experienced during her visits to Paris, France. During many of the painting sessions, Lord Toph chose to use either low or indirect light to accentuate the femininity and sensitivity of Yoonsil. Her expression and mood appears to of contentment, as she adorns a gentle smile during a candid moment. Hues of chromium yellow are blended with white and soft shades of gray to create a shimmering glow upon the muse’s skin. This suggests a somewhat ethereal glow being cast on her figure. A successful display of tonal value is maintained throughout the piece.

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