Yoonsil – The Muse

Yoonsil - The Muse

“Images of Yoonsil” (Collection)
Oil on Canvas
This image of Yoonsil is one of the more sustained images in this collection. It displays a more traditional approach to subject representation, than painterly execution. Lightly blended strokes are used in this composition to achieve depth, and tonal variation. This portrait of the muse focuses mainly on her face, and the viewpoint being stated by her eyes. The expression she conveys is wide-eyed and honest, as she gazes directly at the viewer. The darkened background enhances the presence of her face, and brings more attention to the subject, than the style of this work. Although this piece is a retreat from Lord Toph’s personal style (Empathicism) it clearly expresses an emotional depiction of the mood, and personality of the muse.

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